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Has Your Weight Loss Been Sabotaged by These Top 10 Weight Loss Myths?

You have tried the diets.  You have taken the pills.  You have read anything and everything that the popular magazines and skinny celebrities have to say about losing weight.  But you still just cannot seem to take those extra pounds off.  You become frustrated, and this leads to eating calorie-rich comfort foods and gaining even more weight.  Are you relegated to a body that you just do not like?  Of course not.  The problem is that, quite frankly, you have probably been trying to lose weight the wrong way.  The good news?  It’s not even your fault.

For decades, much of what you have been told about burning fat and losing weight is just plain wrong.  But when you know the Top 10 Weight Loss Myths that have kept you from losing weight, and may have even helped you gain unwanted weight, you can quickly get back on the path to weight loss.  The 10 weight loss myths listed below have all been busted with recent research that can reward your conscientious efforts at burning fat and losing weight with realistic results.  If the Battle of the Bulge has had you believing the following myths, it is time to rethink things.

Weight Loss Myths

WEIGHT LOSS MYTH 1 – Skip High Calorie Foods and You Will Lose Weight

You have heard the advice.  If you simply skip those foods that are high in calories, you cannot help but lose weight.  After all, if you burn more calories than you take in, the weight will come off, right?  Well, not always.  Your body needs calories to create energy. And not all high calorie foods should be avoided.

For example, nuts are very high in calories considering their serving size.  But you know that nuts are very healthy though, don’t you?  They are crammed full of protein, healthy fiber and essential fats.  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2013 discovered that diets containing nuts (no more than 1 ounce per day) did not cause any increase in waist size or weight.

nuts are very healthy

 WEIGHT LOSS MYTH 2 – Avoid High Cholesterol Eggs and the Weight Will Fall Off

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in the 1960’s conceived the Food Pyramid, to show exactly what you should eat every day to stay healthy.  But once Americans found out that food industry groups actually negotiated with the US government for placement on that chart, close scrutiny fell upon all of the products it listed.  That is when we were told to avoid eggs because of their high cholesterol, and never to eat more than one egg a day.

It is prudent to be wary of dangerous cholesterol levels, but a 2010 article in Food and Function showed no relevant connection between a heightened risk for heart disease and egg consumption.  Besides, eggs are a very rich provider of protein, antioxidants and vitamin B.  For those with heart disease and diabetes, egg consumption should be involved in a conversation with their doctor.  For everyone else, cutting eggs out of your diet will not impact your weight loss negatively or positively.

WEIGHT LOSS MYTH 3 – The More Intense Your Workout, the More Weight You Will Lose

This probably has its origins in the old “no pain, no gain” sports fitness myth.  There is no doubt that the more intense your workout, the more you feel it.  But this does not necessarily mean that you are losing more weight than someone who benefits from moderate physical activity.

Once your body realizes you are exerting yourself intensely, you begin to burn mostly carbohydrates.  However, moderate physical intensity from activities like brisk walking, slow jogging, yoga and Pilates causes your body to burn fat as fuel rather than carbohydrates.  This is not a recommendation to avoid high intensity exercises.  But if you want to burn fat, add some medium intensity workouts to your exercise regimen.

WEIGHT LOSS MYTH 4 – All You Have To Do Is Eat A Lot Of Protein, Cut Out the Carbs, and You Will Lose A Lot Of Weight

A relatively low amount of carbohydrates ever gets turned into fat in your body.  And you can limit that small amount even further by choosing whole-grain pasta over white pasta.  Carbohydrates do not make you fat.  A high caloric intake is what makes you overweight and fat.  You just want to make sure that the carbohydrates you do ingest are unprocessed and have a lot of fiber.

And you definitely need protein for a healthy body, but a lifelong diet heavy in animal protein has been directly linked to many forms of cancer.  Also, the human body can only absorb about 30 grams (3 to 3 1/2 ounces) of protein at one sitting.  Eat the right carbs, and make sure your meal contains roughly 25% to 30% protein, and you will have the best chance at losing weight when this strategy is employed with physical exercise and portion control.

WEIGHT LOSS MYTH 5 – If Your Diet Is Full of Flavorless Foods You Hate to Eat, You Will Lose Weight Faster

If you hate the taste of your food, you will probably eat less.  There is no doubt about that.  But the idea that an un-enjoyable and horrible tasting diet somehow increases weight loss is ridiculous.  Randi Konikoff Beranbaum is an RD with the School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, and she says that just because an “outlandish diet” is bizarre and offensive to the taste buds does not automatically mean it is good for you.  She warns that strange diets are very hard to stick to; you fall off of them quickly, and go right back to your poor eating habits.

Lose Weight Faster

WEIGHT LOSS MYTH 6 – “I Exercise All the Time and Eat Very Little, But I Still Cannot Drop Any Weight.”

So, you are exercising incessantly, right?  And you never eat, correct?  Lola O’Rourke is a doctor and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.  In her research, she has found that when digging deeper with her clients that people “tend to underestimate portion sizes.”  In other words, you are probably eating much more than you believe.  And then there are those cases of distracted eating, and snacking absentmindedly.  She recommends frequent sessions of moderate to intense exercise, controlling your food portions, and journaling everything that you eat for your best chance at dropping weight and keeping it off.

WEIGHT LOSS MYTH 7 – You Can’t Lose Weight If You Have “Fat Genes”

Only a small portion, roughly 25%, of your natural body weight is dictated by your genealogy.  The harsh, cold reality is that 75% of your fat levels and weight right now was created by your behavior.  Watch your daily caloric intake, limit your protein to 25% every meal, exercise more, and you will have the best possible chance of burning fat and dropping those unwanted pounds.

WEIGHT LOSS MYTH 8 – You Can Burn Fat and Lose Weight by Taking This Pill, That Cream or Some Magic Drink

Wrong, wrong and wrong again.  Burning fat and losing weight is all about a healthy diet, portion control and exercise.  Electronic fat burning belts, miracle diet pills and unsavory “eat only this for two weeks” diets will not work on their own, unless you take part in the healthy activities that promote weight loss.

Losing weight and keeping it off is difficult, there is no doubt about that.  That is why you must consistently and religiously watch what you eat, how much you eat, how much you exercise, how much sleep you get and how many non-caffeinated, unsweetened liquids you ingest everyday.

WEIGHT LOSS MYTH 9 – Weight Loss Is Simple – Just Eat Less Fat and You Will Lose More Weight

There is no doubt that a low-fat diet is linked to better health.  But your body does need certain healthy fats.  Fat is definitely the most dense collection of calories in all of the foods that you eat.  However, it also helps make you feel full, which can lead you to taking in fewer calories.  The danger here is entirely removing fat from your diet.

This creates a “perpetually hungry” feeling, and you eat tons of low-calorie, low-fat foods, exceeding your daily caloric intake.  And many of the foods which are low-fat are full of sugar and chock-full of calories, which is not a good combination for losing weight.

WEIGHT LOSS MYTH 10 – Skip Breakfast and Your Weight Loss Efforts Are Guaranteed to Be Successful

Just the opposite seems to be true.  And you should always try to get some protein with your breakfast.  The argument for skipping meals to lose weight can actually pack on the pounds.  An important British study involved 6,764 test subjects over a four-year period.  Those that skipped breakfast gained an incredible 100% more weight than the breakfast eaters over those four years.  Yet another study involved 4,200 adults, and revealed that women who ate breakfast with protein regularly usually ate significantly fewer calories throughout the rest of the day.

Skip Breakfast

Don’t blame yourself.  When you are preached weight loss methods by fit and slim individuals, you assume they know what they are talking about.  But many times, celebrities and even personal trainers and other physical fitness experts have not done enough research to back up their claims.  The Top 10 Weight Loss Myths we just busted might have slowed down your efforts to once again become the slim, trim and toned person you once were.

But now that you understand that these myths are fruitless at best, and can actually cause you to gain weight in the worst-case scenario, make the smart changes.  Stick to proper portions, limit but do not exclude healthy fats, exercise regularly, drink lots of water and you may just be able to return to that beach body you once enjoyed.



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