Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker Review

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker Review

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Tracker

One of the new developments in personal health and fitness technology has been advanced pedometers.  Traditional pedometers could do nothing more than count your paces each day, but things have come a long way since then.

The Fitbit One is one of the top high-end pedometers available on the market today.  It offers a whole range of measurements and helps you to keep track of your progress.

But is this enough to make it worth buying?  Let’s find out.

Key Features Of The Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

SRP: $99.95
Product Dimensions: 0.2 x 0.8 x 2.2 inches
Workout Programs: 4
Wireless: Yes
Sync to PC / Mobile Device: Yes

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker: The Pros

A Range Of Measurements: One of the most useful things that the Fitbit One can do is to measure more than just the number of steps you take in a day.  It also measures distance, calories burned and stairs climbed, as well as tracking sleep.

These are really useful for anyone who likes to try and set goals or generally improve fitness.  Steps aren’t always a reliable measure of how much activity you do, so it’s a definite bonus to be able to see your total distance covered as well as stairs climbed (which takes a lot more work than simple walking).

Automatic Updates: Apart from multiple measurements, the biggest development in this pedometer is the automatic statistic updates.  In the past it was necessary to write down and track your statistics manually using pen and paper!  Now, however, the pedometer can send all the data that it has recorded directly to your computer or smart phone.

This is a fantastic bit of technology which saves on time and manual input.  And the best thing is that the updates are sent every 15 minutes whenever the Fitbit is in range of a receiving device.  So you whenever you check your data, you can be sure that it’s right up to date.

Track Your Stats Online: One of the most useful features of the automatic updating is the ability to track your stats online.  Every time the data is automatically uploaded from the Fitbit to your computer or smartphone, the data is stored on the Fitbit website.  You can log into the website, and then view all of your data since you started using the Fitbit.

With so much information, you can easily see your progress over time.  And the website allows you to view your data in the form of several different bars and graphs.  That lets you easily monitor your own progress, allowing you to see whether you’re improving, staying steady or getting worse.

Motivational: Because you can easily track your statistics, and see how you’ve progressed over time, this is a very motivational product.  It keeps you in check, constantly reminding you of whether you’re dropping off.

The online software also allows for goal setting, taking the motivation one step further.  You can really push yourself with goals that are automatically programmed into the Fitbit, as well as displayed on your smartphone.  That lets you know while you’re actually on the go whether you’re reaching your aims or not.

Easy To Carry: The Fitbit One is really easy to carry.  It is so small and light weight that you can take it anywhere without trouble.  Just slip it in your pocket, wear it around your neck, or clip it to a belt or shirt and away you go.

Silent Alarm: Because the Fitbit One is designed to be worn in bed, it also includes a silent alarm.  Attached to your body, you can easily feel the vibration from the Fitbit which can wake you without disturbing your partner.  A great feature.

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker: The Cons

Inaccurate Calorie Count: Unfortunately, the Fitbit One doesn’t offer an accurate calorie burning count.  Calories are notoriously hard to track, and without loads of information specific to your body and diet, as well as exercise, it’s not possible to track accurately.

Not A Good Sleep Indicator: The Fitbit One isn’t a good indicator of your sleep pattern either.  It’s hard to track sleep without the use of special brain scanners, and the Fitbit One actually takes its cues from your movement during the night.  This is not an accurate way to measure sleep at all, as we all move around during sleep.

Plastic Belt Clip Doesn’t Last: The Fitbit One comes with a plastic belt clip that’s easily attached to your clothes or belt.  However, it’s actually not very strong and is prone to breaking.  That makes it fairly useless, so you’ll need to find an alternative way to attach the Fitbit or otherwise leave it in your pocket or around your neck.

Is The Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker Worth Buying?

The Fitbit One is definitely worth buying as a motivational aid.  It can also help you get into shape by encouraging more daily exercise.  Just don’t expect to track your calories or sleep with it and you’ll be fine.  A first rate device.


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