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3 Reasons To Avoid High Impact Exercises

High Impact Exercise - SoccerWhile high impact exercise has its perks (increased calorie burn, faster progress in increasing fitness etc.), it has its downsides as well.  Here are three basic reasons on why one should avoid high impact exercise (or at least, too much of it).

High Impact Isn’t Suitable For Everyone

While fitness gurus often recommend high impact exercise, you must know that it isn’t for everyone.  For example, it is definitely not suitable for pregnant women, those with health conditions that render them physically weak, and also those who have just transitioned from being sedentary to being more active.  In fact, anyone whose body is not conditioned enough to handle high impact, probably shouldn’t be doing these type of exercises.

However for the perfectly healthy person whose main focus is to lose weight or drastically increase fitness, they should slowly (this is the key word here) push themselves into carrying out high impact since low and moderate impact exercises don’t give as much effect.

High Impact Exercises Cause More Injuries

Compared to low and moderate impact exercises, high impact exercises cause more stress to the body, and if care is not applied when doing these exercises, the chances of injury are extremely high.  The injury can be minor requiring just a few hours of rest or major enough to prevent the person from exercising for a few weeks or months.  If you want to reduce the chance of injury or soreness, it’s best to avoid high impact exercises and stick to lesser intensities.

High Impact Exercises Can Reduce Motivation In The Long Run

While high impact exercises are effective, they are also difficult.  Almost all high impact exercises are stressful and cause lots of discomfort, and while some people may enjoy the rush, most people just hate the feeling they get during and after these exercises.  This can hurt the person’s motivation levels and before long lots of people (especially those who didn’t ease into high impact workouts) stop exercising because they are fed up and feel like they are only dragging themselves to the gym because they have to.  It is better to engage in lower intensity exercises that you enjoy if you don’t really look forward to the heavy work.

Of course, this does not mean high impact exercises are all bad.  For those who want to push themselves, they’re perfect.  But for the rest of us who want to be fit but don’t need to be in athletic shape, low and moderate impact exercises would probably be easier to keep up with in the long run.

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