How To Keep Your New Treadmill In Peak Condition

How To Keep Your New Treadmill In Peak Condition

Keeping treadmills in peak performing condition.It’s easy for a home exerciser to “fall in love” with their new treadmill.  Once it’s set up in an optimal location in your home, a new treadmill will help you perform your exercise routines and reach your fitness goals, and will do so quietly and efficiently.

But like any other piece of home exercise equipment (or any other piece of equipment, for that matter), treadmills can break down over time.  This can be one of the most frustrating things for a home exerciser – having your most important piece of exercise equipment fail on you.  In order to avoid missing any of your workouts, here are some tips for how you can keep your new treadmill in peak condition.

1) Pay Attention to Recommended Maintenance

Just about every treadmill comes with a set of recommended maintenance procedures.  Most often these recommendations include lubricating the area between the belt in the back of the treadmill itself, and sometimes using compressed air to clean dust out of certain areas of the treadmill.  Even if your treadmill continues to perform like new, and it seems like spending the time or money to perform that maintenance is unnecessary, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines to avoid having to spend significantly more money later.

2) Pay Attention to Suggested Usage

Similarly, each treadmill comes with guidelines for how it should be used.  Most often these include a maximum user weight, as well as how long the treadmill should be used in a single workout session.  Don’t be tempted to push your treadmill beyond its recommended capacities.  Trying to do workouts that your treadmill wasn’t designed for can be an easy way to shorten its life expectancy.

3) Take Note of Any Changes

Pay attention to any differences you may hear or feel over time with your treadmill.  Many times a significant problem or breakdown will start out as something smaller; something that could be quickly and inexpensively fixed if it’s addressed early.  If your treadmill starts making noises that you’ve never heard before, stop your workout and figure out what’s gone wrong (or about to).

4) Replace Things When Necessary

Unfortunately, sometimes when we purchase a significant piece of equipment such as an expensive treadmill, we don’t factor in the costs of replacement parts or components.  Even if you purchase a top-of-the-line treadmill for several thousand dollars, at some point certain elements of that treadmill will wear out.  Understand that when it’s time to replace the treadmill belt or the rollers (or even the motor), it’s probably better to do so than risk completely breaking your treadmill.

As with any major purchase, you will need to take care of your new treadmill to make sure that it’s always in good shape and ready for you to use.  By following the manufacturer’s guidelines relating to maintenance and usage your treadmill will be able to give you years of service.

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