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Treating Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction

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As unbelievable as it may seem, there is such as thing as sugar addiction.  People who are addicted to sugar have uncontrollable cravings for sweet foods and drinks.  Although it is widely believed that sugar is not dangerous, numerous studies show that excessive sugar consumption can cause obesity and lead to other health disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.  Prompt treatment of sugar addiction can improve health and quality of life.

Many people fail to seek sugar addiction treatment because they refuse to believe that they are suffering from a dangerous addiction.  After all, sugar is a food, and foods do not make you addicted.  Right?


Sugar is not a food.  It has no nutritional value and provides nothing but calories.  Sugar addiction is real and must be treated promptly.

If you are looking for ways to curb your sugar addiction, the following natural remedies can be helpful.

1.  Gradually wean yourself from sugar.

It took years to develop your sugar addiction, so don’t expect it to go away overnight.  Decrease your sugar consumption gradually to avoid headaches, depressions, irritability, and other withdrawal symptoms.  Make a plan to cut down on sugar and stick to your plan.

2.  Know and avoid the many forms of sugar.

There are many forms of sugar other than the familiar refined, white sugar.  All of these forms are equally harmful to the health.  Sugar and sugar-like substances to be avoided include raw sugar, turbinado sugar, molasses, malt syrup, high fructose corn syrup, and maple syrup.

3.  Add protein to your diet.

Increase your protein intake while decreasing your sugar consumption.  Sugar and refined carbs cause your blood glucose level to spike.  This is often followed by a sugar crash, leaving you weak and irritable.  Eating more protein helps keep your energy levels stable and prevents your system from crashing.

The best sources of quality protein include lean meats, chicken, turkey, and fish.  Make sure the food you eat does not contain added sugar.

4. Avoid sugar substitutes.

A lot of people drink diet soda or opt for foods and drinks containing artificial sweeteners.  Unfortunately, this practice will only sabotage your sugar addiction treatment.  Sugar substitutes increase your sugar cravings, so you are never weaned from sweet foods.  If you want to eat something sweet, have some fresh fruit instead of cookies.

5. Drink water.

The body needs water to promote proper metabolic function, eliminate toxins, and stay healthy.  Drinking plenty of water will also curb your sugar cravings.  Drink at least 10 glasses of water everyday but avoid fruit juices because they are high in sugar.

Sugar addiction contributes to obesity, diabetes, premature skin aging, and many other health disorders.  Sugar addiction treatment can be a long and difficult process but well worth the effort in terms of improved health and quality of life.


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