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Fitness Health Check was created with the goal of helping each other move towards our fitness goals, whatever those may be for each of us. 

Whether you are young, healthy and driven to extremes (show off!), or you are a little more mature, with some limitations, and are trying to find a balance between fulfilling your responsibility to others and taking care of yourself, we sincerely hope Fitness Health Check will help keep you motivated to living a healthier lifestyle and a becoming a slightly leaner, meaner you!

Yeah, baby!  That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

Please leave a comment – – let us know how you are doing, and any advice you can offer to inspire (or warn, if necessary) others in their quest for that good feeling and enhanced performance that comes with being more fit and healthy.

I'd link to the original source, but I haven't found it yet...

I’d link to the original source, but I haven’t found it yet…

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