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The 3 Disadvantages Of Using Home Fitness DVDs To Consider

Home fitness DVDs are popular among exercisers who want to cut costs and avoid the gym.  While they do have their advantages, using these DVDs as your main form of exercise also has disadvantages that you may be overlooking.  Some …

4 Healthy Supplements for Building Muscle

Any trip into your local health and nutrition store will reveal hundreds of bodybuilding supplements.  So which ones are healthy, and which ones should you avoid?  The following list of five healthy supplements for building muscle will max out your …

5 Best Workouts for A Toned Butt

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The butt is the object of many of our weight loss efforts.  For some of us, it’s the one thing that just doesn’t seem to get smaller even when the rest of our body does. …

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10 Holistic Approaches To Improve Your Health And Wellness

Wellness simply means to be optimum health. It is a well-balanced blend of physical, mental, and even spiritual wellbeing that results in living the highest quality of life possible.
What Is A Holistic Approach To Health
Holistic medicine is a form of …

How to Avoid Running Injuries

The most common cause of running injuries is over-training.  When you try to do too much too soon, your body will suffer.  Running injuries can also happen due to improper shoes or flaws in body structure and motion.  Fortunately, the …

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Are There Natural Remedies For Depression?

People experience periods of sadness, feeling a bit blue, out of sorts, or detached and other variations of mood at different points during their life. Depression occurs when these feelings become a persistent state of being rather than a passing …

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